The Passive Agressors by Dave Matthes (Heather’s Review) 5 Stars

Holy emotional tornado…..

“Everyone dies at least once in their life…”

In his sequel to “The Slut Always Rides Shotgun,” Dave Matthes journals the next chapters of his life in a darker psychological rollercoaster ride as he tries to find his place in the world, and his journey to still find that something more.

“Just because a place has walls….doesn’t make it your home.”

We follow him on a journey jam-packed with a bit of anger, some bouts of depression, witty humor, copious amounts of physical love, the search for emotional love, and the still never ending debauchery. Matthes has the ability to easily transport his reader into the story and feel as if they too are along for this momentous ride with a drink in hand. He lives his life by the seat of his pants….when he is wearing them, and has embraced every single moment that has come his way, regardless of the hurt it may have caused him. He doesn’t waste a day of his life on the meaningless encounters, and grows with what’s tossed in his path.

He again pulls the reader in with real, raw feelings and true emotion, causing them to take a good like into their own mind and consider exactly what’s being said and how it pertains to the their personal feelings. He recounts his struggles with his inner darkness and demons, as well as his love for more than one lady. It’s not always easy to hold onto the ones you love. The heart breaks are an honest example that he is not afraid to divulge to his readers how he felt, baring his soul to all who read it. The sincerity of his emotions come alive on the pages and break your heart.

From beginning to end, he has the uncanny ability to convey almost every emotion from happiness to heartache to sarcasm to loneliness. He uses poetry and random bits of wisdom to effortlessly transition from each journal entry to the next. And it works with the books emotions.

“You write about everything that happened, the good, the bad, the ugly, the unbearable, the gratifying, the subliminal, the obvious, the tenacious, the oblique, the frantic, and it’s terrifying. And then when it comes time to edit and rewrite, you’re forced to go back and relive all the horrible things you’ve done, everything you’ve neglected, and everyone you’ve killed. You’re forced to dig back down into the deepest of your horrendously turbulent abysses to divulge that all-but-elusive nightcap. And the only thing you can fiddle from the friction is that the journey through hell is only half over. I guess in a way, that’s my way of never letting myself forget. Certain things are unforgivable.”

I think this is a perfect summation. This authors gift to put into words something truly unique and different from a lot of literature out there is a breathe of fresh air.

Truly a piece of literary badassery…or so I once heard


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