On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5) by Karina Halle (Heather’s Review) 5 Stars

Although I have tried to keep this SPOILER-FREE…there may be a few instances that hint or spoil…..

Heart wrenching…..soul crushing…..despair….hopelessness….I felt it all with this one.  Katrina Halle….you’ve done it…AGAIN!  I should expect no less from you.  I was completely broken…..
“Loving him had been the biggest mistake I ever made.”

In this 5th installment of Experiment in Terror, Perry tries to piece back together her broken heart, reeling from all that happened in Seattle.
Six weeks after leaving Seattle, she is shattered and absolutely defeated.  Perry is NOT okay……She no longer has EIT, she no longer has her Dex.
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“Did I look like crap because I felt like crap, or did I feel like crap because I looked like crap? Ah, the mysteries of life.”

She is trying to move on in life….a new job….new friends.  But, her life remains in ruins.  Her parents are constantly breathing down her back…..she is broken, loveless, and losing control of her mind.  Her only constant is her sister, Ada….her rock….but not even she can save Perry from something sinister that is about to consume her…..
“Ada saves the day?” “I’d like to be good for something other than comic relief,” she said with a smile.

Perry is slowly losing her mind and her sanity.  She is beginning to see and hear things that no one else can …..red glowing eyes, growling.
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Her dreams are becoming more and more real until Perry realizes, these aren’t dreams at all.  Perry whole heartedly believes that she is being possessed by a demon…..by Abby.

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Whatever this evil is only means her harm and destruction…..
“Feeling a bout of shame, I looked down at my hands. The scratches seeped clear fluid. It didn’t even faze me anymore. I was becoming someone else and there was nothing anyone could do about it.”

Enter Maximus…….(the crowd boos)….the southern red-headed gentleman…the charmer…
Ginger balls makes his return into Perry’s life.  Now working for Shownet, he tries to convince Perry to come back and host EIT with him as a cameraman.  Although Perry declines his job offer….she doesn’t have the will power to decline his invitation to dinner.  Stupid, stupid girl.  Becoming involved with Maximus will only end in more suffering for Miss Palamino.

Things start to take a turn for awful and horrifying when Perry starts lose control of herself and her mind.
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Her parents think she is losing her sanity and slipping further down the road to self-destruction…refusing to believe anything she says and only believing the trauma she is causing herself and those around her.  Plain and simple….her parents…the people who are programmed to love her unconditionally…support her….BELIEVE her…they have failed her..

“All I had to do was think about how scared I was and how alone I felt. All I had to do was wish I had someone at my side who would know what was wrong with me and do whatever they could to fix me. I had that once, and I didn’t have it anymore.”

The evil is escalating rapidly.  As Perry’s life quickly crumbles around her and she loses herself to the force that possesses her, she has no choice but to rely on Ada to do everything possible to save her……
Enter Dex……you irresistible, frustrating bastard you….
“Hey, kiddo … It’s just me.”

”He reached over and stroked my hand gently. His touch made gooseflesh appear on my arm. “It’s true. I’m not trying to scare you. In fact, you’re the one who’s scaring me. As usual. But we have to go. Will you come with me?”

Out of options and nearly out of time, Dex and Ada have no other choice but to take Perry to a medicine man and attempt to exercise her demons….or lose her forever.
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“…….You have every right to hate me for this lifetime and many others. You have every right to never see me again. To spit on my grave. But tonight, now, I’m not going to give up on you or,” his voice fell with weight, “die trying.”

It is during this that The Crazy Clown Lady makes her entrance again……
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“You are in the Thin Veil, the Black Sunshine.”
Perry finally gets answers from Pippa as to why she feels so connected to Dex and to her. (sorry to be so vauge….but I dont want to give away any goodies!)

Perry has to trust that Dex will do anything to save her from her from this hell and from the dark evil within her.
“He was still a douchecanoe. The douchecanoe who was going to paddle me to safety.”

This EIT for the most part revolved around Perry.  Although I would have LOVED more Dex…..I still think this was a brilliantly horrifying story.  Definitly 5 star worthy!

Now…it’s time to piece their hearts back together….and head Into the Hollow

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell you how sorry I am. It doesn’t mean I won’t try, because you, Perry, you deserve a lifetime of servitude. Eons of groveling. Even then, I don’t think I can show enough, do enough to let you see.”
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