Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror, #6) by Karina Halle (Heather’s Review) 5 Stars

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Into the Hollow picks up where On Demon Wings left off…..with Perry trying to piece back together her life and redefine her relationship with Dex.  She made the decision to leave home and move on in fear that if she stayed, it would be damaging to her sanity….or whatever was left of it.  She is trying to figure out where she belongs….where she fits in.. Image Hosted by
With Perry’s heart still raw and bleeding from Dex’s betrayal…..and the fear and doubt of being with him seeping in….she goes on auto pilot and into survival mode to get through each day.
“No matter what happened, he was Dex and I was Perry and that combination only led to trouble.”

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Dex is not the same anymore either.  After hitting bottom, he made the choice to get himself better…for Perry.

“When I’m with you, I lose this darkness, this madness around me. The madness inside me. But I had to go mad to realize that. I had to lose you to know it.”

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He wanted to be the man that she deserved and the man that could protect her…..the kind of man she needed.

He lowered his head. “I was trying to be a better man, Perry. For you.” I shifted in my seat. “Dex…” “And I’ll keep trying,” he quickly said, voice low and somber. “Until I get it right.”
Dex has made it his mission to make Perry see the error of his ways and to once and for all make her see his true feelings for her….that his heart…his life, is not complete without her…..
“Do you know why I freaked out? Because I realized I’d fallen in love with my best friend. The very same person who had just told me she didn’t love me. Call me an asshole for overreacting but that’s why happened. You’re not the only one who is hurting here, Perry. At least I didn’t do it deliberately.” Image Hosted by

He stops at NOTHING to get Perry to realize her feelings for him and to get her to admit them to herself and to him….to realize that their hearts are magnets, constantly pulling them to each other….never relenting on what must be fate.  Oh Dex….if she won’t love you…I WILL!
“This is me trying, Perry. This is me taking my heart out of my chest and putting the bloody mess in your hands. I can’t give you much more than that.” Image Hosted by

Now….onto the show at hand…..the one needed to save their asses…
“Don’t you wanna go into the hollow? Don’t wanna go alone, Aren’t you gonna follow?”
Into the hollow -Queens of the Stoneage

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Experiment in Terror heads out in search of the elusive a Sasquatch/Bigfoot creature that has been terrorizing a remote mountainside in the Canadian Rockies……
“We are really fucked up,” I finally remarked. “Yeah, kiddo, we sure are. Now come on, let’s go hunt Sasquatch.”
Now, I know what you are thinking….because this is IMMEDIATELY what I thought when I heard Bigfoot…… Image Hosted by

You are sooooo very wrong my friend…

.you are wrong photo: you are wrong yourewrong_zps9d62f19c.gif

This is so very far from the vile creature that roams throughout the hollow.
Heading to Canada holds an awkward silence for Dex and Perry….but a familiar, comforting one.  It is in a lackluster hotel where they will be holed up before heading out to film that we learn another one of the dark secrets that cripples Dex, adding another piece to our Dex-puzzle….evil lurks behind the mirrors… Image Hosted by
They set out to a secluded cabin in the quiet, serine mountainside.

Image Hosted by Being cooped up with Dex sounds like heaven……but this heaven quickly turns into Hell.
“Oh we both have screws loose. Just fucking look at us, Dex! We’re in the mountains trying to find Sasquatch and we’re arguing over the llama formally known as Twatwaffle.”
They head out into the woods with their guide (who just so happens to be somewhat MENTALLY UNSTABLE) to begin filming what they hope will be a safe, non-life threatening episode.  WRONG WRONG WRONG….. This is NOT Sasquach….or Bigfoot……this is more terrifying and more dreadful than that….

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDex and Perry fight to escape the horrific beast and fight to survive the mounting feelings and powerful desire that is sparking between them.  A traumatizing incident…..a near fatal slip…a devastating encounter with this grisly beast….has them slipping and falling into each other….finally giving in to their lust and desire

“I love you Perry,” he whispered, mouth moving in my hair. “I love you so fucking much. And I’m losing myself. I’m losing myself to you and I don’t care anymore because there’s never been a better feeling in the whole fucking world. I love you. So much. Too much. Always.”
But it doesn’t end there……their story only continues on….

“No matter what happened in the future, he had to stay a part of my life. If not for just being that one person in the world who understood what I had to go through, the things I saw, the way I felt when I was faced with something impossible. He went through all of it too. We really were cut from the same cloth.”
Will they fight to trust one another?  Will they FINALLY realize that fate has already determined their future and that there is NOTHING they can do about it?  Only time will tell………oh…and so will …..Come Alive
“Within your light, I lose the madness.” “You,” He said slowly. “You’re the light. You’re my light.”

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