“Every step we take is meant to be taken, and thus nothing is ever a mistake”Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhere do I begin…… what do I say? Well…let’s start with how I felt after the beginning few pages….
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Huh..….holy royal mind-fuck….
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The story of an old, broken, lonely man trying to make his way through the afterlife, searching for answers, and getting back the love he once knew of. His journey is one that grips the readers’ imagination and keeps them ensnared with nothing to do but watch as the madness unfolds into a beautifully twisted story.

This man roams through the abyss of his afterlife, encountering what I would consider illusions of his so called imagination.

“You are simply a wandering fragment of a greater being, a soul that upon passing through death from one life to the next, was shattered and scattered…”

This lost soul treads through the deepest, darkest depths of his mind and subconscious…all in pursuit of finding who he believes is his lost love. We follow him through a labyrinth of memories and trysts as he tries to decipher his memories from those of the ones he encounters on this voyage. Through his story, he stumbles upon the one he believes to be the epitome of his lost love. He is determined to do what is needed to keep her as a permanent fixture in his eternal Heaven. He at last comes full circle with past youth and the aged man, both as one who are struggling to sever from each other for freedom from their warped “reality”.

“I want to discover more. I don’t want to just die and…retire to Heaven for the rest of eternity. I want to touch the farthest of fars. I can’t allow myself to believe there is a limit to life, not this one or any that follow.”

The depiction of the characters and the story is colorful and absolutely fascinating to read. The image that Matthes paints is one of great imagination and artistic ability . His verbal prowess is sincerely ingenious. His knack for portraying this story in such a vivid and intriguing manner is awe-inspiring.

This story…and its characters are very much a beautiful dream…………

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“An average person walks one hundred and fifteen thousand miles in their lifetime,” she said “how far will you walk before you realize you never had to leave?”


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