This Love’s Not For Sale by Ella Dominguez (Heather’s Review) 4 STARS



ARC graciously received by the author for an honest review 

Ohhh boy….where to begin.

Tucker McGrath….Real Estate mogul and demanding egotistical alpha…..

“I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, pet. I’m going to leave you unable to think and vulnerable, and open to accept my will. I’m going to ravage you and make it impossible for any other man to satisfy you the way I will. I’m going to make you feel things that no other man has and you’ll want no other after I’m done with you. I know you think I’m being arrogant, and perhaps I am, but I fully intend to keep my word without a care for how challenging that statement may be and no matter how long it will take. This will be no small undertaking because of the walls you’ve built up, but I promise you, Lilly, before the night is through: I. Will. Ruin. You. 

Lillian Norris… dental hygenist and new girl in town….

“This isn’t drive-through sevice, chucklenuts. You don’t get to show up, bark an order, and then leave. You made me make this damned apple crisp and you’re going to sit down and enjoy it properly.” 

Lillian has recently inheirted a large plot of land that has been in her family for generations. Tucker has been after this said land for years but has yet been able to sway the land owners to sell.

In a chance meeting, Tucker instantly wants to know and bed Lillian. He has become enamered with not only her, but owning her land and getting his early retirement. But the one thing that Tuck didn’t expect was how hard he was going to fall for Lily. His lies are quickly stacking up and he is afraid that in the end, he is going to end up with nothing.

Lily is wary of Tucker and his intentions. She knows all he wants is her land. She has been burned to badly in the past to trust him, but her body doesn’t care. She is a very strong willed woman and plays very hard to get. This is something that Tucker doesn’t know how to handle but enjoys it none the less. He is definitely up for the challenge that is Lily Norris.

I thought over all the book was great! Tuck and Lily were hilarious together. I LOVED their texts….LOL! I enjoyed the back and forth banter between the two of them. I think that made the whole book for me. I loved Lily….I love me a smart-mouthed female who doesn’t know when to shut her mouth! Go on and get you some punishment girl!

Congratulations on yet ANOTHER fantasic read Ella!


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