Behind the Hood by Marita Hansen (Heather’s Review) 5 STARS




Ok….now that I have gotten that outta the way….let’s get to this.

In Behind the Hood, we meet Tama…..effing TAMA.  He has an uncanny ability to screw everything up and hurt people.  He lacks compassion for most people with the exception of his Momma, his sister, and his cousin.  He doesn’t take responsibilty for his actions and is only out to get ahead for himself.

What a rotten, hateful, egotistical, lying no good bastard!!

I cannot say enough mean shit about him.  I wanted to slap him….in the face…..with a hammer.  I wanted to take his knife to him and see how he likes it.

Wow. His personality and actions have made me violent…..

I’m going to break this down in a short simple review…. Ok, deep breath… it goes…

The beginning sure starts off with a BANG!

We meet Maia, Nike’s 14 year old sister.  On her way home from sneaking out for a party, she runs into Tama’s “gang” of goonies.  She is chased…..and Tama is a complete prick to her….and literally pricks her.

This incident it what sets off the emotional rollercoaster that is Hood.

It  sets off Nike,
which sets off Ash,
which sets off Danta,
which hurts Sledge,
which causes Tama to go to Jayden,
which hurts Leila,
which spurs on Tama again,
which hurts Mikey,
which hurts Jess,
which ends up hurting Nike,
which in the end….SUCKS FOR TAMA!!!

Moral of the story…..TAMA HURTS EVERYONE!!!!


Marita…..bravo love, bravo!!  What a rollercoaster ride that was…..and an amazing one at that.  I love how you tie everyone into the story, yet still focus on that one main person.  I simply L.O.V.E.D. it!

My suggestion to those reading this, start with this one.  I started with behind the Tears, but I think I would have understood more and been prepared for Tears had I read Hood first.  But either way, brilliant series!


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