Stolen by Jordan Silver (Heather’s Review) – 3 Stars

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Opening line:“Fuck me, this is so good.” 

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Ok….since this book pretty much only consisted of fucking, it’s hard to do a full review. So I will explain in my terms hahaha!

We are introduced to Roderick. He is a hermit mountain man with a 10inch shlong. Yes ladies….TEN INCHES…
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Simone is an 18 year old virgin hiker, lost in the mountains. She “misses” the No Trespass signs and ends up on Roderick’s private property. Enter scarred girl who ends up….yup, you guessed it….suffering from Stockholm syndrome. SURPRISE!
But, what girl wouldn’t fall in love with all 10 inches of her captor…..

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There’s A LOT!!! Dirty filthy steamy smutty sex.
Every which way and position imaginable.

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For both Daddy and his little girl….tuuurrrnnnnn offfffff.

It’s a wonder their sheets didn’t go up in flames with the amount of scorching sex they seem to have on almost every page of the book…
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I can’t count the number of orgasms had in this book….God damn…

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If you are looking for a quick smutty read, this is your book….as long as you aren’t after much of a plot that doesn’t involve sex ;D


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