Chosen by Barbara Elsborg (Heather’s Review) 5 Stars


5 Twisted and Tortured Stars
Holy Mind Fuck!  Holy Hell!  Holy W.T.F?
Let’s take a gander into the enigma that is Chosen…
Kate is a single 20 year old woman living on her own, in her own safe and secure world.  Or so she thought.  She has no family, no close friends, no boyfriend.  She is the ideal introvert and the ideal victim.
She so badly wants someone to notice her and like her, or love her.  But sometimes the things you want and wish for come true….
Sometimes, those things you wish for are bad.
Jack is a sick, demented, “missing all of his screws” whack job.  Grade A certifiable. Jack has watched Kate from afar for long enough.  She will be his.  She will be his pawn to play when the time is right. She is his obsession.
Enter Nathan.  He is Jacks half brother from the same mother.  He is obsessed with Jack, and hates him with such a passion.
Nathan wants to know what Jack is up to every hour of everyday.  He has watched him and kept tabs on him for as long as he has known about him.  But, Jack falls off the radar, and Nathan is on the hunt.  What will he find…..?
I was constantly trying to guess what was going to happen next and always on the edge of my seat.  Kate has balls.  I will give her that.  Attempt after attempt after attemp.  Fail. Fail. Fail.  Jack, he was a sadistic bastard.  He knew just how to keep Kate in the game.  He played her so well.
I nearly died several times throughout reading this book.  No joke.  I think my heart stopped on several occassions.
GO get this book and read it!  You won’t be diappointed.  If you like the mind fuckery, you will enjoy this book.

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