My Masters’ Nightmare Season 1, Ep. 3 “Betrayed” (My Masters’ Nightmare #3) by Marita Hansen (Heather’s Review) 5 Stars


5 Holy Mother of Pearl Stars

Betrayed is the 3rd episode in the My Master’s Nightmare series.

And Betrayed they were.

In Episode #2 “Discovered”, we learned that Alberto is one disloyal son of a bitch.  He betrayed his brother, his family…all for a little piece of ass.  All for the Donatelli.

When episode 2 ended, we were all left asking WTF….No…that can’t be happening.  MARITA ARE YOU SERIOUS!?

Boy oh boy…things took a turn for unthinkable….

Betrayed started off where Discovered left off.  Frano remains in a holding cell wondering what is happening to Rita.  Is she safe? Will they kill her once they realize who she is?
He sits and listens to the horrifying screams coming from the cell next to him….the cell that holds Jagger…who is having unthinkable things done to him by the Padre.

He is left questioning if Jagger really told the truth all those years ago…had the Padre truly abused him?  It becomes abundantly clear to him that all these years….the truths he was fed by the Donatelli…were nothing but LIES!

Rita is finally returned to the cell….and Frano can finally breathe…..that is, until she opens her mouth.  Then he just FUMES!  Rita is the one woman he cannot resist and the one woman he wants to strangle.

By the end of the episode, a lot of things are happening:
1) Frano….isn’t himself
2) Jagger shows just how manipulative he can be
3) Rita…well, she got her balls back


I have a feeling shit is about to hit the fan.


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