Baby Girl II – For The Ones We Love by Scott Hildreth (Heather’s Review) – 5 Stars



Just a warning….this is uber-long….enjoy!

Baby Girl II: For The One’s We Love

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5 I-Will-Be-Your-Baby-Girl-Anytime Stars

Wow. Just. Wow.
I loved this one so much more than I loved book one. There is so much that goes on….so much we experience and learn about the different characters. It’s so much more than book one. Much more depth. Much more emotion.

I fell in love with Baby Girl I mostly because how relatable it was for me personally. The other reason I loved Baby Girl I was because it was an honest and raw story of two people trying to navigate their lives by merely surviving.

In book one, we were introduced to Kelli and Erik, who they were, and what they were looking for. We got to witness themsurviving. Some may have found Kelli to be naive or annoying…but to me, she was real. Some may have found Erik to be arrogant and an asshole…but to me, he was real.

intr.v. ex·ist·ed, ex·ist·ing, ex·ists
1. To have actual being; be real.
2. To have life; live;
3. To continue to be;
4. To be present under certain circumstances or in a specified place

In Baby Girl II, we are introduced to Kelli and Erik on a completely different level. We get to witness themexisting….as individuals….as one….as a couple.
There are some new characters introduced as well, along with some returning from book one.

“Once we find love, there’s no question about what it is that we have. Love occupies your soul and becomes part of your being.” 

Gene is Kelli’s father. He was briefly introduced in book one where he spoke about Kelli and her mother. In book two, Gene gets to meet Erik for the first time. Gene wants nothing but the best for Kelli. He wants someone who is going to charish her, protect her, and love her. She’s his baby….the only other woman he has ever loved.

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“Being with a girl that makes you feel good inside is better than damn near anything. Having someone in your life you look forward to seeing can sure make the time stand still whenever they’re gone. When you finally get to see ’em again, the clock spins like mad. That’s what life’s all about; findin’ that one that makes the clock spin like crazy. The way you know when a person is the person, that one that is special, well….it’s when she fucks up your sense of time.” 

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I completely adored Teddy. He’s just a down to earth good ‘ol boy. He is loyal….to his club…to Erik…and most importantly, to Heather. He is head over heels for that girl. I mean….who wouldn’t be? And…her name is Heather after all…and that’s a pretty fantastic name 😉
She is just as smitten with Teddy as he is with her. She is ready for something good to happen in her life, and Teddy is that happiness she has been seeking.

The Bone 
“Your heart, after being exposed to bitterness, pain, and death repeatedly, becomes scarred. Almost incapable of feeling. Just like if you cut yourself in the same spot over and over. You end up with a huge scar. That scar, in a sense, is protection. It’s from a massive amount of exposure over a short period of time, a lifetime for instance, causes not near as much scarring” 

The Bone…to me, he played a huge part in forcing Erik to face his past and let it go. A man of few words….but a man of so much meaning.

To move forward is to forgive. To forgive is to move forward. 

A-Train …another loyal member of the club. He stands up for what he believes in and what is right. Kelli stood up for Train. She in turn showed her devotion to not only Erik, but to the things he holds dear to his heart.

“Sometimes, life offers us difficult decisions. Really, really tough ones. Not the decisions that may just be a challenge to make, but decisions that may have an effect on us for the rest of our lives. If the outcome associated with the decision is favorable, the end result is a celebration. If the outcome isn’t, the rest of your life may take an alternate course.” 

A few other characters of note….King, Easter, Shakey, and Jake. Like the others, these guys are committed to their club and to the well being of their brothers. Loyalty and trust is huge for them.

Ok…let’s get onto the main event…the sex first….

Jesus. H. Christ.
I am probably going to go to hell for taking the Lord’s name in vein while discussing panty melting sex. Ooops!
Hot. Bothered. And wet. That’s the best way I can describe what went on.
There was closet sex….can I join that party?
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Orgasm controlled shower sex…
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High speed orgasms…
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Almost sex on the poker run…
Naked countertop sex….dancing and stroking included.
And finally…plain old bedroom sex….that’s not so plain
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Erik and Kelli 
I truly feel that Erik made leaps and bounds in this book in regards to his relationship with Kelli and his own personal growth. He has basically lived his life going from woman to woman, never giving his heart or his love. The one woman he loved died. His mother has been gone for several years, yet Erik can’t seem to let go and move forward. He doesn’t trust easily. He doesn’t love any easier.

“Trust. You may not always be able to trust the person that you love, but you can always love the person you trust.

Love at first sight. Love the just is. That would mean trust at first sight. Trust that just is. The thought of that, to me, was foolish.

Trust, for me, had always been a difficult thing. I have lived a life where I never really exposed myself to many people who I had to trust. With me, trust was something that had to be earned, and I made it difficult for a person to earn my trust. I typically tested them, giving them opportunities to make a mistake or fail me. In time, it seemed that most eventually did. The few that remained were my brothers, and I held them close to my heart.”

After time thinking and being lectured by Bone, Erik takes a long look at his life, his past, his present, and what he wants for his future. He consistently tests Kelli…plays with her head. He is waiting for HER to do something he doesn’t like so he has reason to let her go if needed. But as time goes on…he realizes he wants a happily ever after….so to speak.
He wants Kelli. He wants commitment. He is completely and utterly lost to this woman.
“All this woman had to do to impress me was exist.” 

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Kelli. She so desperately wants to be Erik’s. She wants him to claim her as his.
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She wants nothing more than to make him happy and please him…to love him…for him to love her just as desperately. She wants him to commit to her.

“Loving someone is easy. When the point in time comes that it happens, you don’t wonder, you know. Love isn’t questioned, and love certainly isn’t developed. I really don’t care what anyone says.

Love just is.
Love just happens, and there isn’t a damned thing you can do about it.

Love has the ability to take away your breath or breathe life into you. Love has the capacity to make you feel as small as an infant or as tall as a giant. Love is a magnificent gift.

Love is. Well, love just is. Love cannot be defined. I am in love.”

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Kelli is finding her voice in their relationship. She’s learning to express her needs and wants. Yes….yes she most certainly is….Hahaha!
“If you ever, ever, ever stop fucking me. Ever. I will hunt you down. I will hunt you down, and I will kill you. You think Slick got it bad? Stop fucking me. Just stop. And see what happens.” 

This girl is inside my head. I get her. I AM her on most levels. I get her wants, her needs, her thoughts, her fears. I live with them in my own head most days.
“All I wanted was for him to be proud of me.
When he told me that he was proud, the words filled me. They filled me with a feeling that provided me with life. I could live off of that pride alone. Making the man I loved feel proud of me was all that I wanted from life.”

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When Erik met Kelli in book one, you could tell it was going to turn into something important and meaningful…something life changing for both of them. Something that taught both Erik and Kelli about trust…about love…and about opening your eyes and your heart.
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It taught them about seizing once in a lifetime opportunities.
“Life has proven to me that the most amazing things happen at the times you least expect them. God’s greatest offerings can often, by the best of us, be overlooked. I have always believed that God provides us with opportunities, and it is our responsibility to recognize them as such.” 

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^^^Guess what? Yup…..I finally get it ^^^

To the author:

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Scott….you do just that. You inspire and you make people think. You’ve inspired me and you sure as hell make me think with every word you type, no matter the story.

My hats off to you sir….

I can’t wait to see what level you take these two next!

I will close it out with a quote that I loved…even though this gentleman didn’t have much of a role for us to get to know him…

In the words of Jake…
“The greatest sign of commitment is giving up what we enjoy to take care of what we love.”


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