BABY GIRL 2.5 Let’s Be Honestby Scott Hildreth (Heather’s Review) – 5 Stars

5 Scortched-Pair-of-Panties Stars
A short diary of some of the sex that was enjoyed by Erik. A peek into the head of Erik Ead and his sexcapades before his relationship with Kelli.
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Can you handle the truth? Can your panties handle the heat?Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThis steamy little short gives us insight into why Erik is who he is sexually, what he learned along the way, and what makes his dick salute the heavens.

The change in Erik is black and white from pre-Kelli to the present, at least for now it is. I love present Erik. But I’m sorry…past Erik is quite the story to be read.

Ladies…be sure to read in the privacy of your home…because…

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Carla…Jahy…this one is glow worm approved….no doubt!
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Count down is on Scott…..don’t leave us hanging with our hands down our pants for too long!


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