Well…..Here Goes Nothing….


This blog was started for our love of books, sarcasm, food, and our glitter-free….unicorn hating…raw and real opinions.  We don’t sugar coat.

Let us introduce ourselves……

In the teal corner….we have the infamous, the one, the only Emillllllyyyyyy.    Emily is a self proclaimed master of the camera.  She takes kick-ass photos and has even shot 2 book covers.  She is a single mom of one quirky little minion, and spends her time working full time inside a box…aka cubicle.  BLECH!

She LOVES reading anything from erotica to romance to suspense and everything in between.  So basically….she reads whatever Heather recommends to her and shoves down her throat.

And in the green corner…..we have the queen of snark and sarcasm, the one, the only Cap’n Heather….aka Hooker.  Heather is a former college volleyball player…..yes ladies, she wore tight spandex everyday.  Even though she is getting up there in age, she still enjoys playing and beating her body up to the point of immobility.  She is the mother of 3 wild and crazy hellions, and spends her days working inside a cubicle as well.  What has the world come to?!

She loves reading pretty much anything from smut to smut to smut….oh, and the occasional mind f*ck and sappy romance.

Sooooo……hopefully the curiosity that has brought you here today has captivated you and caused you to say “Hey….I like these b*tches!”

We hope that by following our blog, we can bring a smile to you face, a giggle to your voice, and a boner to your heart ;-D

****P.S. Don’t mind the construction! ****

All book reviews can be found on Books, Books, Books page, listed alphabetically — much easier than scroll, scroll, scrolling through all of the chaos until we get this planned out better. 😉


We LOVE to hear from you! :-)

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