The Haunted Vagina by Carlton Mellick III (Heather’s Review) 2 Stars – DNF :(


So in going thru my “Currently Reading” shelve, I notice that I am apparently still reading this little….gem….BAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, sorry to say, I am NO LONGER “reading” it.
I just can’t bring myself to read anymore about her glowworm and her vagina that speaks in evil tongue….and not the good kinda tongue…if you know what I mean *wink wink wink*

Although I give this author props for publishing such a unique story, it’s just not my cuppa tea….and I like some pretty strange shit.

So….I hate to say that I am DNF’ing this book.  Maybe I will come back to it some day….or not.  Who knows….but, to the author, keep on truckin’ man!  You write some pretty outlandish and bizarre stories.

*NOTE:  I am not one to rate a book that I DNF, but I do want to awknowledge the author for at least having the cohones to put out a book like this.  For that and for what I did read (which was OK), I am giving him 2 stars.  It was very……uhm…creative?  Yes….creative.


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