The Broken by Ker Dukey (Heather’s Review) 3 Stars

3 Broken and Cracked Stars Image Hosted by ImageShack.us16 year old River was saving herself for Sammy, her older brother’s best friend. She has loved him for years….ever since he moved in next door and spoke to her through the hole in the fence. They were inseparable. He was her rock….her savior. Her ticket to happiness.

On the night of her 16th birthday, all of her dreams of being with him were crushed…disintegrated. If Danny would have never showed up that night, Sammy would never have left town.

When he left…..he took her heart and shattered what remained of her soul. He left her broken.

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Sammy loved River. He waited for her to turn 16 so he could tell her how he felt and finally be with her. But on her birthday, he found out that Danny swooped in and claimed River. Sammy was shattered and broken beyond repair.

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So he left town…

Now, he’s back.

4 Years Later

“You can’t change what’s already passed, you can only prepare and be ready to prevent it happening again.” 

River has existed in a day to day hell. Every since Sammy left, she has felt nothing. She has been numb…and that’s ok. She had to be numb…she had to pretend…for Danny. And to protect her brother, Blaydon. River is with Danny out of fear and necessity. She is trapped.

Danny is obsessed. He is sick and he is twisted. He can’t live without River. He can’t function without knowing that she is his and she loves only him. No other man can or ever will touch her. He controls her. He purposely does things that will guarantee she will stay. River hates Danny. And she hates what he holds over her to make sure she stays.

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River is a dancer (thank God the author didn’t make her an avid runner…..I’ve about had it reading about runners).
Dancing is her escape from hell. It’s the one piece of her true self that remains after Sammy left her behind. The one thing that Danny hasn’t taken away from her.

When River sees Sammy for the first time in 4 years, she freezes. She can’t believe he came home. But why?

“Breathe for me, Twink. 


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I was, to say the least, a bit reluctant to give this one 3 stars. I really enjoyed the storyline. So, let me explain why….

I had a hard time connecting with the characters. Their issues were very real, but their feelings and actions, and how they went about them just irked me.
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For instance….

-River is terrified of Danny. Her body literally trembles when she hears his voice. Yet, she can’t/won’t leave him. She is though, willing to risk stolen moments with Sammy, and has no guilt what so ever. She lacks a conscience and doesn’t seem to always consider the consequences of her actions.

-Sammy is the same way. Danny is a so called friend of his, yet he doesn’t hesitate to drop his drarws at the first sign of lust. Dude, what happened to “bros before hoes”….

-I didn’t like how after 4 years, when Sammy and River see each other for the first time….it’s almost like nothing ever happened. There is no real drama between them. No build up. No fighting. No animosity. That bored me.

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-River hates that Blaydon has a pill addiction, yet she allows Danny to enable him and keep him doped up. She should be trying to help him kick the habit….if she truly loves him. He is after all the only family she has left.

-Danny moved in with River when her dad died. Blaydon has lived in the same house….under the same roof…for the last 4 years….and never noticed the abuse or the bruises or the fact that his sister has almost completely shut off from life. HOW?!?!

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And I’m sorry…..a few more dislikes for me…

-I didn’t like how Sammy basically fucked River any where and every where. They were constantly all over each other….whether it be touching in some way or eye fucking each other or trading secret looks. Even when Danny was close by. Disaster.

-The first sex scene. Oh man. For me…that was a train wreck. It was just strange. He’s been gone for 4 years and right off the bat….he fucks her in the ass. She’s never done it before and begsfor it. There was no seduction what so ever. No charm. No charisma. No flow.

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-I had a real issue with some of the paragraphs. There were spots where they were literally a page and a half long. That is too much to read at once. I kept losing my place and ended up skimming.

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-At times, it was difficult to keep track of who was talking in a scene. There was a lot of he said and she said, but there would be multiple characters present. I had to re-read a few times to figure out who said what.

-The author seemed to be going for an Americanized story but it just sounded off at times.. The banter between River and Sammy seemed awkward. Some of the word choices or phrases just didn’t click. There were words that were over used, like dick, and words that….well, almost made me put the book down.

That’s right….the one word to kills any sex scene…. MOIST .

The book was by no means a bad book. I loved the premise behind the story. The author made it so that the reader wanted to keep reading to find out exactly why River was with Danny and what must of happened to make her feel that she had no choice but to stay and be miserable.

I loved Jasper….even though he seemed a bit out of place in the book. His personality brought some humor to the story and lightened it up a bit.

The prologue hooked me into the story. It seems to be going in a sweet, happy direction…but then BAM! Not such a happy situation. The epilogue…..well….it was good but it had me saying what the fuck?!?! I may be in a category of only a few, but I thought the epilogue was the perfect ending.

I didn’t think this book was as dark as it was made out to be. It was just broken people from very broken, fucked up homes. The abuse, the drugs, the sex….all very realistic issues.


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