Joseph Fallen (The Estate, #0.5) by M.S. Willis (Heather’s Review) 5 Stars

5 Totally Twisted Stars

Please be warned…this is not a soft, fluffy book.  This book is dark, demented, twisted, and sadistic.  No glitter, no hearts and flowers….no happily ever after.

Joseph Fallen is the prequel to Madeleine Abducted.

Joseph Carmichael….a young man in love.  A young man who would do anything for his beautiful new wife, Ariana Carmichael…..anything.  He wants to give her the world and shower her with all the riches it beholds.  He will stop at nothing to give this to her.  Absolutely nothing…..he is consumed with his love for her.

It is in this prequel that we learn of the Estate.  What it is, how it started….how Joseph morphed into a monster fueled by

And ultimately Hatred

“There’s a fine line between many things; love and hate, light and dark, brilliance and madness. Much like when the sun rises, the light it gives still touches on the darkness that it destroys. And it’s in that place, the moment between sunrise and day and sunset and night, that is the scariest of all, because they are so closely linked that one cannot always be distinguished from the other.”

Ariana has become trapped in a hell she never could have imagined.

Marrying Joseph had been a dream.  He was loyal, loving, a doting husband.  All she ever wanted, she was given….including everything she didn’t care to have.
A monstrous estate
Money Money Money
Fine clothes, shoes, jewelry

She was expected to be his trophy wife, to stand by his side proudly….to stay at home and produce an heir for Joseph’s mounting fortune and his empire.

Slowly, Joseph becomes controlling, demanding, paranoid, rough, and cold.  His need for a child bore heavily on his mind….and his wife’s inability to provide that child caused nothing but bitterness.

“His madness wasn’t always there, it was gradual, a slow decay that snuck up on me, that left me unsuspecting so that I could not act against it.”

As Joseph slips further and further from the man she once loved, Ariana turns to her piano, her music….and her guard.  Regardless of how much of herself she gives to Joseph, she can never please him…because she has failed to give him the one thing his heart desires the most.

The things that Joseph was capable of doing…and being OK with….terrifying.  That ending….I wanted to vomit…but in a good way…if vomiting could ever be good.

To think that Joseph could do that….to the one person he claimed to love more than life itself….
This story is dark, twisted, gripping, heartbreaking, cruel, and horrifying.  I was left in the fetal position on the floor….in shock.

Wow….just…WOW.  My heart truly hurt for Ariana.

What a story.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea
    Dec 05, 2013 @ 23:02:11

    Great review, this book was all sorts of twisted!


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