Alright….here’s what we are looking for…

We are looking for some bloggers to read, review, and post their reviews for the Baby Girl series byAuthor SD Hildreth.

Baby Girl, a book on Dominant and submissive relationships. This series is a true to life telling of a D/s relationship between two people learning to love and learning about themselves….and having great sex. I found so much of myself in this series. It’s relatable. It’s honest. And the author, he has a gift. You can see our reviews here on our blog under Books, Books, Books.


lf you are interested in reading and reviewing the series (3 books plus a novella), I will PERSONALLY gift all of the books in the series to the FIRST 2 bloggers who EMAIL US at and let us know you are referring to the blog post.

We are looking for honest reviews and bloggers who are willing to read the whole series.

If you are not one of the winners, please, read and review if you get the chance. Maybe you will find a little bit of yourself while reading. Here are the Amazon links for the books:


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