BABY GIRL III – Love That Just Is (THE ERIK EAD EROTICA SERIES) by Scott Hildreth (Heather’s Review) 6 Stars….because I can.

6 Love That Just Is Stars


Have you ever read a book or a series that made you think?
Made you wonder about who you truly are?
Question yourself and your thoughts?
Made you realize that you are not alone and that there are people out there that understand you and those thoughts you have questioned?
That there is nothing wrong with you…that in fact you are quite…normal?
That there is someone out there for everyone?

This is my book.  This is that series that did it for me.

It’s so hard to write a review about a book that was so real to you.  One there the characters were so very real.  One where you see so much of yourself within those characters.
How do you express your feelings and your thoughts?
When you fall in love with the characters and their story…it gets so very difficult to say goodbye at the end of their story.

Everyone has had a book like that…..

The story of Erik and Kelli continues in the final book in the Baby Girl series.  Their love is truly a thing of beauty….and of real life.

Love that just is…

Finally settling into their relationship and their new home together, Erik and Kelli continue to grow.  Growing individually and growing together.  Growing stronger.  Building their relationship emotionally and sexually.  Learning each day what loves means to the both of them and how to prove it to each other.

Kelli has come out of her shell little by little.  She has found her voice and that voice knows just what it wants and is learning how to get it as well.  She finally feels that she is who she needs to be and she is with who she was meant to be with.
She no longer looks at herself as if something is wrong with her.  As if there is no one on Earth that understands her.

Erik understands her.  Erik is her reason to exist.

“I fucking love this man with all that I am.  With all that I can provide.  I love him with my entire existence.  He breathes life into me.  He has allowed me to understand who I am, and not feel broken for being me. I can be myself with Erik and not worry about him criticizing me.

He owns me.”

Erik has learned to trust…trust Kelli…trust Gene…and ultimately, to trust his heart.

He has become a man who his mother would be so very proud of.  A man who Kelli is proud to belong to.  A man who continuously proves his loyalty and devotion for those that he loves.  He has learned to let go of the past, live in the present, and look forward to the tomorrows.

“Kelli caused me to feel.  I didn’t think.  I woke up feeling love for Kelli.  I fell asleep feeling it.  If I was breathing, I was full of love for Kelli.

Erik Ead was in love.

Sounds like a fucking oxymoron.  My mother sure would be proud.”

When all seems to be going so perfectly, Erik and Kelli are tested emotionally.  With Gene’s health in question, Erik must face the fact that this is one thing he cannot control.  He cannot control the outcome and how it will impact both him and Kelli.  He cannot shelter her from the impending pain and heartache of losing her father.  And he cannot avoid the grief he faces by losing the man who has come to mean so much to him.  So Erik does what he does best….he stays strong.

“Love makes us strong.  Love builds walls.  Walls that protect us from the outside forces that attempt to sabotage it.  True love is self-sufficient and can survive any series of traumatic events, because love isn’t a mere thought, it consumes us.”

One single act of selflessness….one person who will change the fate of another selfless man.  It will make you believe that there is good in people.  That not everyone only thinks about only themselves.  That good, kind-hearted people do exist.

“Take care of those that take care of us.”

The sex……*fans self*

Shit. Wow. Damn. Mother of God.  Someone get me a towel…and a new pair of jeans.

Yes, the sex in this book was all of the above.  And so much more.
There was syrup, washing machines, and holiday lights.  To say the least, Erik made Kelli burn…..and not with fire.
Erik uses sex and pleasure as a way to get Kelli to open up to him…to talk and ask for exactly was she wants.

Their need and desire for each other is strong.  Their love for each other through their sexuality is evident.  Erik uses games.  A way for him to learn what she wants, what turns her inside out.  Games to get Kelli to feel.

Erik is demanding and a true dominant.  Yet…he is caring and loving.  He takes care of Kelli physically, mentally, and sexually.

Kelli is a natural submissive.  She yearns to please Erik.  To make him proud.  Her greatest fear…is disappointing the man she is so deeply in love with.  She thrives off of his demands and his control over her.  She craves the loving words that fall from his lips.

“I love you baby girl.  I love you with every ounce of my being.  Understand that,” he whispered into my ear.”

There are so many emotions that I felt while reading…
And the biggest of all…love
Love that Erik felt for Kelli.  Love that Kelli felt for Erik.  Love that was felt for Gene.  Most of all, love that the author felt for his characters.

The development from beginning to end for Kelli and Erik, both individually and together…it was incredible.
His growth from being a man who didn’t love…who couldn’t find himself capable of loving another…to a man who utterly adored, cherished, and genuinely loved Kelli to no end.

“You allow me to live, to breath, and to survive.  I am not afraid to admit it.  I want you to be mine for all of what is forever.”

Kelli’s growth from feeling like she would never love another, other than her father.  Who didn’t believe that there was true love…until Erik happened into her life.  She learned that if she would just speak up, she could get what she wanted.  All she had to do…was speak.  Not nod.

“We don’t always immediately realize that there is anything wrong in or with our lives until someone comes along and makes it right.  That one person that completes our life – and makes it all seem right – allows us to see how wrong it was before they came along.”

I mostly consider myself submissive. It’s in my nature to be a pleaser. I feel excitement and I take pleasure from making people happy.  I am content in receiving nothing but praise in return.
After reading Baby Girl I, I was relieved to know that those thoughts, those feelings…they are not uncommon and they do not make you a broken person.  They do not make what you desire wrong…in any way.
I found so much of myself within Kelli.  The way she thinks.  How she acts.  Her needs.  Her wants.  Her inability to vocalize.  Her strong need to prove herself worthy and not to disappoint.  All of her.  I get her.

Mr. Hildreth, you didn’t ruin me.  Erik didn’t ruin me.
You made me a better person for myself.
You. Made. Me. Think.
Case and point….

“It’s the small things, the little fuckers that matter.  We all stay worried about the big things, and we can’t change ‘em.  The big ones are the way they are.  We need to focus more on the small things to make life worth livin’.  The details.”

Erik showed me what it is to truly love another person…unconditionally.  He showed me that people can change.  People can grow and learn and love at the same time.

You use your characters and stories as tools and cause us as readers to be able to put ourselves into your story.  It gives us an escape, just as Kelli said…

“Reading had always been a way for me to escape everything.  I felt when I read, if the writing was good enough, that I was the character in the book.  I was nice to find someone that wrote in a manner that would pull me into the book and make me forget for a few hours who I was and where I was in my life.”

You used Erik to show us that even someone who may think that they are broken and that they are not capable of giving their heart….can do so.

“Love just happens. Love just is.  Love consumes us and provides us with the ability to conquer whatever we encounter that gets between us and who we love.”

Scott, you succeededYou did it.
And it’s not just me who you and your books have made an impact on.  You put everything you have into your books, and it shows.

This quote….my favorite.

“My best advice to all living people is to keep searching.  That person is it there.  If you have to think about it,  or second guess what you do have, it isn’t love. Keep looking.  Keep searching – because that person does exist.  All you have to do is find them.  And when you do, you’ll know.  You’ll have what Kelli and I do.
Love that just is.

So, congratulations.  Very well done. This series…it was more than just a story.  It was eye-opening.  It was touching.  It was perfect.

And most of all…..Thank you.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. scottdhildreth
    Dec 11, 2013 @ 13:55:38

    That reason alone, the ones depicted above…….THAT IS WHY I WRITE. To trigger emotion.

    To leave my mark, to open an eye, to make the one person that had “no idea” come to have all the ideas in the world.

    Heather, I have so much to say.


    He opened his mouth and yet, nothing came.

    For he, the man that wrote the book, was speechless.

    So, with his hand in his chin, and his eyes fighting back the emotion that he felt….

    He winked.

    Because he could.


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