That’s A Promise by Victoria Klahr (Em’s Review) – 3.5 Stars

That's a Promise (That's a Promise Book 1)That’s a Promise by Victoria Klahr

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

That’s A Promise — 3.5 Delightfully Smiling Stars

I want to thank the author, Victoria Klahr, for sending us at Snarky Bloggers a copy of this book to read and review for an honest opinion.

Josie is a broken gal, really broken – over and over – physically, mentally, and emotionally. By strangers. By friends. By those she loved and trusted.

Seth is Josie’s best friend, her guardian angel and her rock. He teaches her there is love in the world.

Blake is tall handsome man, a stranger who stole her heart as she stole his. But he has a secret.

They all have secrets.

In this debut novel, by Victoria Klahr, we meet these well-developed characters. We fall in love with each one of them and at some points want to smack them upside the head and ask what the hell are they doing?! The story line is great. The characters interacted well. I did, however, find the flipping back-and-forth in time was a bit confusing at some points.

The story made me smile. It is a good read. I would have liked to see the adjectives mixed up a bit more as some were continuously said, for example his “big hard cock” was used just about every time she referred to his package. And also, to clean up some of the repetitiveness though out the book as there were many times she would think/explain what was going on and then say it in conversation as well.

The story line was a bit predictable at times, but still delightful. The sex in the book was mild but tastefully written. The last several chapters are what ensured I will be waiting to read the second novel of this series. We are left wondering what will happen next. Victoria leaves us trying to pick sides, team Seth or team Blake. Both are great guys who love Josie with all their heart, but which one Josie will pick is definitely up in the air at this point as there is so much more left to be figured out.

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That’s a Promise
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