Rage (The Sound Wave Series, #2) by Michelle Pace – 3.5 Stars

Rage (The Sound Wave Series, #2) by Michelle Pace

ARC received in return for an honest review

**3.5 Frustratingly Stubborn Stars**

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And not always the good kind……

Rage is book #2 in the Sound Wave series.  Book #1 was Fury.

In Fury, Philip and Stephanie were always butting heads.  But that’s what happens when 2 people have such an attraction for each other and they do nothing but deny it.  They were always at odds.  Doing things on purpose to get a rise out of the other.  But what happens when fate intervenes and these 2 are stranded at an abandoned cottage with a broke down vehicle?  YUP!  You guessed it!  Book #2 happens…

Philip and Stephanie are navigating their way through their new relationship.  Being apart from each other is rough.
Stephanie is a photographer, gallivanting across the globe.  She is a fiercely independent woman who speaks her mind, yet also manages to bottle everything up on the inside. She is time bomb.

Here hold this bomb photo tumblr_lw3kyhlMlW1qex3a4.gif

Stephanie doesn’t believe love lasts forever.  Her mother left them.  So why would anyone else stay with her?  Why would she believe that forever is a possibility?

“Their break-up convinced Stephanie that no one could ever stay together. Marriage became a trivial joke to her after that. I’ve been all over the world and heard the confessions of thousands of people. My sister is still the single most jaded person I’ve ever encountered.”

Philip is a rock star, working on Fury’s next big album.  He too was a man who had a hard time believing in love.  Until Stephanie.  He wants Stephanie to be his….forever.  And he wants to make it known to everyone.

“Stephanie…I love you. I can’t explain it. I can’t quantify why, so don’t bother asking. I wish to God it weren’t true, but it is.”

When they are together, it’s fireworks. They are explosive.

fireworks gif photo: fireworks gif tumblr_lemoeke8PK1qbq90t.gif

But, all’s well does not always end well.

“We were doomed from the start. Oil and water.”
“More like oil and a blowtorch, if memory serves. We were nothing short of amazing, Stephanie.”

Suggestions to Philip about his upcoming declaration of love to Stephanie fall on deaf ears, and Philip will be Philip…doing things the rock star way.

Fate once again sweeps in.
But this time…fate is a bitch.

When things fall apart after, Stephanie takes the easy way out.  She shuts people out.  She’s selfish.  I wanted to crawl into the book and slap the shit outta her at times.  One person cannot be this stubborn…can they?  Oh. Right…yes they can.  Hi, my name is Heather…and I am just as stubborn.  HAHA!

But, Philip is not blame free.  Rather than stick around and try to coax Stephanie into explaining herself…..he runs.  And he runs.  And he runs.  And he acts like a petulant child who had his hand slapped for sticking it in the cookie jar before dinner.  Pfffttt….men…

 photo LOLkuragehimeEFFTHIS-1.gif

Fast forward….. 10 Months, 25 Days,  4 Hours, and 13 Minutes later……

Stephanie is on her way to photograph the wedding of Fury’s drummer David to a beautiful Brazilian model.  And on her way to a remote island with the one man she dread’s seeing.
Emotions run wild and Philip and Stephanie find themselves in multiple awkward and tense situations with each other.  Hands and lips everywhere they shouldn’t be.  What would Stephanie’s boyfriend think?  Shame shame girl….shame shame on you.

When these two FINALLY let their walls crumble down and talk…..a lot of revelations are made.  A lot of feelings are worked through.  But a lot of time has passed and wounds are being reopened.  Can these two figure their shit out and make another go at it?  Or the they forever doomed?

I felt so frustrated reading this book.  Not necessarily in a bad way….but enough to make me want to yell at my Kindle a few times.  Stephanie is kind of your typical “run from everything that is hard” female character.  She doesn’t talk through anything and throws in her hat as soon as she can.  Philip was your typical “over the top, my way or the highway” rock star.  He wanted to make a spectacle of his relationship and he wanted to show his love for Stephanie.  But these two didn’t take the time to get to know each other, and ultimately, it was their demise.


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