The Suicide Princess by Anthony Bryan ~ 3.5 Stars

The Suicide Princess

By Anthony Bryan

ARC received in return for an honest review

3.5 Dirty Revengeful Stars

“People are never happy with what they have – we always want more and more. In some ways, it’s good. It keeps us moving forward and makes us want to improve our lives. We just need to learn when to stop and realize when we have enough.”

Stephanie is a lawyer on the up and up at the District Attorney’s office.

She works hard to prove herself and her worth as a lawyer.
She has it all and is working on getting everything she wants.
She is missing something. She is bored.
Her life is missing that spark…that excitement….it’s missing passion beyond the courtroom.
It’s missing the hot, dirty sex.

So what does she do when her husband Jacob refuses to appease her sexual desires at home? She decides to start a steamy, dirty affair with a smooth talking, sex on a stick mystery man.

Derrek is a man in charge. He wants things done his way. He wants a girl to get filthy for him. But…he has an agenda…which causes a chain of events that brings Stephanie’s wordl crashing down.

”…..treat a slut like a lady and treat a lady like a slut, and they will love it.”

We all make mistakes in life. We all sometimes choose a path that should have been barricaded off.
There is no covering up your misdoings. You can’t hide the truth forever. It will eventually come back and bite you in the ass so hard and fuck you over.

Karma is a bitch though. And in this book, we learned that it was best served steamy…in the form of the ultimate revenge.

“Making decisions is easy; it’s living with the consequences of our decisions that is hard.”

Well….. I think I may be the minority here.
Oh man. Shit.
My apologies to the author for my review. But it is my honest review….which you asked for.

You can write sex. Lord. You can you can.
I will definitely read your books in the future.
It’s just…this one I struggled with. Let me tell you why.

I had a hard time with the story. I didn’t like the pace of the book. I just felt it progressed too quickly. The end of the book seemed a bit rushed.

This is kind of how my feelings went…

Another thing I struggled with……
There were times throughout the story where Stephanie would be talking and narrating, but then….Jacob would appear. It seemed like it was his thoughts and his narrating with in the same paragraph. There were a few occasions where I was a bit lost, and had to re-read.

I also had a hard time connecting with Stephanie. She was just….a bit flakey.  I thought Stephanie was just…..utterly annoying at times. She didn’t have much of a conscience. Sure, she felt guilt at times for what she was doing, but….SHE KEPT DOING IT. With no second thought as to what the consequences would be. She knew what would happen.
I’m sorry…but Stephanie just didn’t have much common sense… until about the last 15% of the book. But even then, she took Jacob for granted, She doesn’t deserve him.

Jacob. Man. Talk about a saint. But. He also had his fault and blame. I just wish he had some bigger balls to take what he wanted when it came to Stephanie, and didn’t wait so long to do so.
I mean…it’s not like she was going to turn him down. She begged him for dirty!! Open. Invitation. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

It’s a good book. I think it had so much more potential though.
If you like twists and turns in your story line, then this is the book for you. It was a quick, easy read, and will keep you intrigued….keep you wanting to figure out what these characters are really up to.


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