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With that being said.

I hope you are ready for Christy Cross to rock your world….




CHRISTY. A drunken woman can just lie down, get fucked, and have a really good time doing it. I know this, hell I’m a fucking professional at it. All a woman has to do to get laid if she’s drunk is want.

For dudes it must be way different.

“Well, how much did he drink?” my head was still spinning as I asked the question.

Fuck, I need a drink. Just a small one.

With her mouth full of Adrian’s half-soft cock, Beth peered up at me and rolled her eyes around in a look of exaggerated frustration. Her index finger was knuckle deep in her pussy as she stared in my direction.

“Well, it started out good, but I haven’t got any cock yet. This is bullshit Beth. I’m never letting you go first again. It’s like he’s getting drunker as we fuck him,” I used one hand to stabilize his back and the other to hold the lube soaked strap-on.

Beth allowed his cock fall from her mouth as she shrugged her shoulders. Still on her knees, she wiped the saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand. She looked up as if she needed direction, and at that point my drunken brain remembered who was running this shit show. She pulled her finger from her little tight pussy and raised both of her hands to Adrian’s hips to keep him from falling forward.

Maybe I should just fuck Beth again.

I looked down at my hand full of rubber pleasure. I looked back up at Beth. I blinked. God I need some cock. Beth raised her eyebrows in wonder. I pressed against Adrian’s back with the palm of my hand, not really sure if I was helping hold him up, or if it was vice versa.

He moaned.

I looked around Beth’s apartment.

“Let’s get him in the shower. He’ll sober up in there. If I can get this strap-on far enough up his ass, he’ll sober up for sure. Come on, let’s get him in the shower,” I nodded my head in the direction of the shower.

“Grab the lube,” I said over my shoulder as I let go of Adrian’s back.

During the dozen steps toward the bathroom, the floor started to move. Fuck, maybe someone slipped Adrian and I a Roofie. I shook my head, held the strap-on, walked to the bathroom, and started the shower on full hot.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw Beth guiding Adrian my direction, her arm around his waist. He moaned as he walked. Beth grunted as she guided him toward me. I stood in the doorway and watched. Adrian’s staggered steps and continued moans were a reassurance that this was going to be a long fucking night.

Standing in the doorway naked, I lifted the rubber cock with my left hand. I opened my mouth and stuck my first two fingers deep into my mouth and sucked on them.

Anyone that knows me knows that a little finger licking was all of the foreplay that I needed. With my left hand, I held the lube soaked cock upward. As I pulled my soaked right fingers from my mouth, I closed my eyes and slowly slid both fingers into my pussy.

Oh fucking fuck. God yes

I pressed my fingers into my pussy as deep as I could – rubbing the ball of my palm into my clit. I closed my eyes and exhaled.

Here we go.


I closed my eyes and slid my fingers out of my pussy, held them in front of my face, and looked at them as if they were magic. They glistened.  I reached between my legs and began rubbing my clit. I heard Adrian moan.

I moaned.

I opened my eyes enough to let in a little light and saw Beth guiding Adrian my direction. I pulled my hood back and exposed my clit. Holding the lube soaked strap-on in my left hand, I started to slowly stroke it from the rubber balls to the mushroom shaped tip. As I stroked the huge rubber cock, I rubbed my clit like I was trying to put out a fire.



I opened my eyes and looked down as I jacked the shaft of my rubber buddy.

This is fucking hot.

Having this rubber cock in between my legs made me feel powerful. As Adrian moaned and staggered across the floor I smiled. Spreading Adrian’s butt cheeks apart and watching this big rubber cock slide in and out of his ass while Beth sucked him off would make me feel more powerful. As he stumbled toward me I thought of doing a little ass to mouth with this drunken Italian exchange student.

I’m going to fuck you real deep, you preppy little prick. You’ll wish tomorrow when you wake up at home we’re long gone that your name didn’t start with an “A”.

Fuck, we still got to take this drunk home.

Adrian took another step and moaned.

Wait a few minutes, dude. You’ll be moaning for sure.

Because Christy Cross is motherfucking Boss.

I looked between my legs. My rubber buddy stared back at me, glistening from the lube. Slowly, I slid my fingers from my clit to my soaked pussy. I pushed them past my lips and in up to my knuckles. Slowly, I curled my fingers. Curl. Curl. Curl. In, out. In. Out. Jesus. Fuck.

Oh God.

I curled them upward a few more times. In. Out. In, Out. Curl them, curl, curl, and….curl. Out. Holy fuck here we go.



I opened my eyes to blurred vision.


Fucking fuck yes. God. Damned. Right.


My eyes rolled back into my head.

I opened my eyes and looked down as I pulled my fingers from my pussy. My hand was soaked. Sometimes I even amaze myself. I turned to the bathroom and with weakened shaking legs, stepped inside.

Holy shit, it’s hot as Egypt in this mother fucker. Where’s the exhaust fan?

It had become so hot and steamy in the bathroom from the shower that the moisture was collecting on the floor. As I walked across the floor toward the switch on the wall, I slipped on the tile floor and almost fell down.

Slow, Christy, take it slow, you’re drunk.

As I flipped the switch, Beth cleared the door, Adrian in tow.

“Be careful, it’s as slick as fucking snot in this bitch,” I said as she drug Adrian’s moaning ass through the door.

“What are we gonna do?” Beth asked as she leaned Adrian on the edge of the sink.

Seriously? Look around, Beth. You’re naked. I’m naked. I have a lube soaked strap-on attached to me, and you’re holding an 18 year old high school student from Italy in your arms. He’s got a ten inch cock – if you can get it hard. And you want to ask me what we’re doing?” ss I shook my head in wonder, I belched a good three second long burp.

I just barfed a little.

I looked at Beth and chewed whatever had risen from my stomach into my mouth.

It was bouncy.

“Oh fuck. Did we eat pizza?” I asked as I spit a piece of sausage out on the floor.

Beth nodded her head.

I looked down at the grape-sized sausage chunk.

Damn, I must have eaten fast.

I closed my eyes and thought.

Think, Christy, think. You’re fucking boss. With a capital “B”. You get these two fucked, and you’ll have the first two letters over with.

I opened my eyes.

“Okay, here’s the plan. Get his drink ass over here. You’re getting in the tub. We’ll get him to stand here,” I pointed at the floor in between me and the edge of the tub.

“It’ll keep him dry so I can hold onto his drunken ass, but we can put his head in the shower, which will sober him up. You suck his cock like it’s your god damned job,” I blinked my eyes and looked around the stream filled bathroom.

Yeah, this will work.

“I’m going to fuck his tight little ass with this,” I paused and shook the rubber cock as I thought.

“If that water sobers him up, and you suck that cock like I know you can, it’ll just be about ten minutes time. And we’ll toss his dumb Italian ass on the floor and I’ll ride that fucking cock while you make him suck your pretty little pussy. Sound like a plan?” I smiled and raised my eyebrows, proud of assembling such a plan.

“Sounds good to me, help me get him over there, it’s slick in here,” Beth stood beside Adrian, holding the tube of butt lube, and sighed.

Beth was a true trooper. She had proven over and over that she was truly my little submissive bitch. If and whenever we finish this contest, I think I’ll just keep her little red-headed sexy ass. She can suck my pussy better than any guy ever will. I looked down at her cute little pussy and smiled as I started to walk toward her and the drunken Italian douche bag.

“I got him, Beth, get in the shower,” I said as I wrapped my arm around Adrian’s waist.

“Holy shit, this water is hot,” Beth complained as she got in the tub.

“Well, turn it down a little. I don’t want to burn his face,” I said as I drug him from the sink to the shower.

I situated his feet in front of the shower, carefully giving myself enough room between him and the wall for maneuvering. I reached around his chest and held him upright with my right hand and forearm as I stood behind him. I kicked his feet apart, spread his legs a little, and poked the rubber cock between his legs. I raised his hands toward the wall, and instinctively, he pressed his hands to the wall, supporting his upper torso.

“Lube that bitch up Beth, and get ready,” I sighed as I held him upright.

Beth leaned out of the tub and squeezed a generous amount of lube on the rubber cock.

“Alright, I’m going to lean him forward and start getting him wet. You start sucking him off now,” I said in a soft but demanding tone.

“It’s soft and noodley,” Beth complained as she grabbed his limp cock.

“No shit, Sherlock. That’s why we’re here, remember?” I shook my head and leaned Adrian into the stream of the showers path.

As his head hit the water, he shook it from side to side a little and moaned.

Oh yeah, now we’re talking.

I stroked the rubber cock with my left hand and got my fingers lubed up. Holding his waist in my right hand, I reached between his butt cheeks with my left. As I pushed my index finger deep into his ass, he moaned.

“Oh wow,” Beth said.

“What?” I asked as I fingered his ass.

“He must like it, he’s getting hard fast,” She looked up and smiled, her hair soaked from the shower.

“Well, put your hand on his hips and hold him. And suck his cock real good. If he liked that he’s gonna love this” I thrust my hips back and forth, flopping the rubber cock up and down.

I pulled my finger from his ass, reached down and spread his butt cheeks apart and slid the tip of my rubber friend between his cheeks. With my left hand, I guided the tip into his now lubricated ass. As I pushed my hips forward, he moaned a slow, deep groan.

“Mmmmmhhhhmmm,” Beth moaned from the shower.

I peered between Adrian’s arm and upper body into the shower. Beth had about six of Adrian’s nine inches in her throat.

Oh hell yes, this is working.

“Suck his cock, you little red-headed whore,” I blurted out as I looked down at the rubber cock.

I have no idea what it feels like to have a real cock, but having a rubber one is pleasurable and a pain in the ass both. Trying to calculate how much of it is being shoved into someone isn’t easy to regulate. It requires paying attention to how much of it is missing. Being drunk and paying attention is not always easy.

I grabbed ahold of Adrian’s waist to stabilize myself and pushed my hips forward. I watched about five inches of rubber disappear into his ass.

He moaned again.

Oh God, this is so fucking sexy.

I leaded back and watched as six inches slid out of his butt.

He moaned slowly and straightened his arms.

Fuck yes. Take that cock, you Italian teen.

I pushed forward and watched it disappear into his butt.

He groaned loudly.

Something about fucking this guy really deep was making me get ridiculously wet. My pussy was soaked. I glanced into the shower at Beth. Her mouth full of his huge cock, she worked her lips up and down the shaft. As she noticed me, she released one side of his hips and gave me the thumbs up signal.

“Get ready Beth. I’m going to sober his ass up.”

I held his waist, and pushed forward as hard as I could with my hips. As I watched all ten inches of my manhood disappear into his ass, a lot of things happened really fast.

He screamed. Not the, oh hey, guess what I’m drunk and just realized my head’s in the shower scream. Not that one. He screamed the, I just sobered up and I have a cock the size of a child’s arm shoved up my virgin ass scream.

As he screamed, he straightened up his torso, thrusting his hips forward. That, by design, shoved his cock down Beth’s throat. Beth may be able to deep throat a cock like a true porn star, but this guy’s cock was the size of something off of a farm animal. Beth immediately gagged, and let go of Adrian’s hips.

Adrian might have been sobering up, but he was nowhere near sober. Beth releasing his hips was a bit much for his equilibrium to handle, and his body began to immediately fall forward. Instinctively, he pushed against the wall and attempted to stand straight.

His ass pushed rearward, knocking me off balance, and as I stabilized myself, I shoved every inch of our rubber buddy into his bowels.

He screamed like he was being murdered.

And I stepped backward into something slippery.

That fucking sausage chunk.

And fell backward.

As I stumbled backward, the cock slipped out of Adrian’s ass. Reeling across the floor in slow motion, I watched as Adrian took a drunken step backward, slipped on the wet surface, and fell to the floor like he’d been dropped out of an airplane.

His head hitting the wet floor made the same noise that a watermelon makes when you accidentally drop one at the store and it falls to the floor.

And splits open.

I watched in horror as the soaking wet floor became more soaking wet.

With his blood.

“Well, fuck me running Beth. We dropped him,” I screamed as I bent over to take a look at the damage.

As I got onto my hands and knees, the tip of the rubber cock pressed against the floor. The pressure pressed the base against my pussy. My body tingled.

Oh God that feels good.

I rotated my hips, pressing the tip of the cock to the floor and base against my soaking wet pussy.

Holy fucking feels good.

As I reached under my hip with my right hand, I rolled my eyes and vaguely remembered what had happened.

“Check his pulse and wrap his head with a towel,” I said as I slid two fingers into my pussy.

As I pressed my fingers into my pussy as deep as I could, my body shuddered.

Now that’s an orgasm.

A combination of the elevated temperature, butt fucking this Italian kid, and watching Beth gag on his cock was more than I needed to witness. As I knelt on the floor of the bathroom, I jackhammered my fingers in and out of my pussy. As I watched Beth bend over Adrian’s body, my body began to tingle. My eyes rolled back so far I ached.

Oh hell yes.

As I pulled my cum soaked hand from my pussy, Beth looked up, her eyes as big as golf balls.

“He’s dead,” she said.

“What?” I asked as I slowly stood.

Oh fuck that was a leg shaker, and I didn’t even know it.

“Dead,” Beth said as she stood up.

“Dead?” I asked as I raised my eyebrows.

Beth nodded.

Unlike skateboard Chuck, this dude’s cock went limp. Beth was probably right. I walked to the body and reached for his neck.

No pulse.

I blinked my eyes twice and focused as I reached for his wrist.

No pulse.

Great, a dead eighteen year old Italian waiting on his first year of college.

“Maybe we should just call the cops,” Beth said nervously.

I looked down at the bloody floor and thought.

“Go get my phone,” I said in a stern voice, still staring at the blood and the body.

“I’m not going to call the cops,” I paused and took a slow breath.

“I’m going to call the only cop I trust.”

“The one that face fucked his buddy while I sucked his cock,” I looked up and smiled.



like a boss bitch

^^^Ain’t that the truth^^^

Scott.  Trust just is.  Thank you for the trust.

We ♥ you hard.

You have given us an affection erection 😉




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  1. jencothran
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 10:16:02

    OMG…..totally needs to finish and put out…Book 2!! hehehe “Christy Cross IS Boss!” LOL


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