— Kat Daughtry

☆ ☆ ☆ Welcome, Kat Daughtry! ☆ ☆ ☆


Kat’s Books :


Fun Facts :

–  What are five things you cannot leave the house without?

As long as I am mostly dressed, I can leave the house without anything. Everyone always has somewhere to go and a list of things to take with them. The best place to go is nowhere. It gives you space to find yourself.

– What chore do you absolutely hate doing? 
Cleaning my web history and downloads. LOL.

– What is your favorite body part? 
Hahahahaha. That is not in the least bit fair. Okay, besides that area; on me, my eyes. on my gent, his eyes. Always those eyes. A man can let you in without words. If he lets you read his heart through his eyes, if you feel beautiful when you look in his eyes, every single touch, word, silence, and motion between the two will feel like magic.

– Do you prefer colored or white socks?
I prefer fishnets. Jeans, dresses, formal, or sexy; the answer is always fishnets.

– What vegetable do you hate?
Something called calico beans. I am not sure if it is real outside the realm of my former in-laws. I like beans and every other veggie, but this… no. No. Never again.

– What song makes you want to dance?
ROCK LOBSTER! http://youtu.be/2VCCiY17hKw.

– What is your favorite sandwich?
I secretly love the meatball sub from Subway. I get it piled with lettuce, onion, cheese, and mayo….and maybe extra sauce. Either way, it is not a proper or anything close to attractive sight, so only those closest to me have ever seen the act of me messily consuming this disaster.

About Kat :

Author of Steampunk, Erotica and more. Kat loves writing her submissive tales, but is clearly a master of her words.

Fan of Fantasy, Paranormal and Political Humor.
Collector of Art, Antiques, Old Books and Buddha Statues.
Kat is a twisted Southern Belle from the Dirty South.
She loves tattoos (in moderation).
She hates television (except PBS and old movies).
She believes in dream meanings, fate, aliens and love at first sight.

Contact Kat:
Amazon Author Page: Kat Daughtry
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheKatDaughtry
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheKatDaughtry


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