— Scott Hildreth

☆ ☆ ☆ Welcome, Scott Hildreth! ☆ ☆ ☆

Scott’s Books :



The final, Baby Girl III — will be released SOON


Fun Facts :

–  What are five things you cannot leave the house without?

Cell phone, watch, electronic cigarette, A plan to get coffee soon, and a cleanly shaven head.

–  What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

cleaning the bathroom

–  What is your favorite body part?


–  Do you prefer colored or white socks?

None, if necessary, colored or not at all

–  What vegetable do you hate?

After writing The Alpha-Bet, green beans

–  What song makes you want to dance?

Thriller (Duh)

–  What is your favorite sandwich?
Italian sausage sub  with Greek peppers
~*~ SNARKY BIT: Did you know Em photographed the cover photos for The Alpha-Bet & BG2.5?
The bowl of soup was actually Heather’s idea! 😉

About Scott :


I will never forget the first time I actually felt as if I had helped someone resolve an issue in their life. I was in middle school. It started then, and has continued throughout my entire life. I have always made myself available to talk to people and resolve (or attempt to resolve) issues that they struggle with.

Having an exceptional ability to communicate has always been a gift of mine, and I have enjoyed doing so. Telling stories has always been second nature to me. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I have written poetry, romance, self-help, addiction, alcoholism, codependency, technical, and satire. There isn’t a genre or a topic that I feel more comfortable with. I enjoy writing about whatever it is that I feel passionate about at the time.

Being open-minded and often seeing abusive relationships unfold, I have always been passionate about abuse, or the prevention of it. My main focus has always been people that are incapable of helping themselves, primarily women, children, and the elderly. I have talked to hundreds of women that were in abusive relationships, and assisted many of them in removing themselves from these relationships.

I try to focus in my writings to develop a story that makes people stop and think. To look at a subject or subjects from a different point of view. If I am able to get my point across, and make the subject entertaining to the reader, I feel that I have met my objective. I feel that I have tremendous depth as a person, and have had some great experiences in my life. To date, what life has offered me has been nothing short of spectacular. My opinions, point of views, and perspectives on matters are just that; an opinion. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong in what I write, but more of a belief. I always believe in what I am writing, and I further believe that the reader may benefit from viewing it from the written perspective.

My next book, The Three of Us, will be written under my name. It should have tremendous depth and really make one think about morality and value of life. I have almost completed a romance novel of sorts that will be released under a pen name. Look for it to be release in the next two weeks. I will have a link from this website as soon as it is complete.

I hope that you enjoy reading what I have written as much as I enjoy writing it. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing a reader enjoyed something I have written. Considering that, please take time to leave a book review if you have read something I have written.

Best Regards,

Scott D. Hildreth

Contact Scott:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScottDHildreth
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/ScottHildreth




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